Yoga Classes - with Lindsey Jensen

Monday @ 10:00 am

Tuesday @ 7:00 pm

Thursday @ 10:00 am

           Meet our instructor: Lindsey Jensen 

As a long time yoga student with a love for the strength and peace yoga brought into her life, Lindsey completed her fitness instructor training in 2010 with an apprenticeship focus in Yoga and Pilates. She taught a wide range of yogic styles and classes for 4 years in Winnipeg, such as Yoga-Pilates Fusion, Power Yoga, and Restorative Hatha Yoga. She is excited to return to teaching after a two year hiatus since moving to Princeton in 2014. 

Guided Cardio and Strength - with Leah Pepper 

    • 10:30 am Wednesday and 9:15 am Saturday - A lower to moderate intensity workout focusing on muscle conditioning, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, posture, balance and coordination. Appropriate for those that are looking for a well-balanced low impact class, participants that are just embarking on their fitness journey, or are returning to the gym after a layoff. Involves the use of circuit training, free weight and body-weight exercises with different levels provided to ensure maximum benefit for your workout. Each class consists of a warm-up, workout, cool-down and stretch. 

    Beginner Boxing - with Ben Harris 

      • 7:15 pm Thursday - Boxing is a great all round workout to improve your cardio, strength, and endurance. Come learn the fundamentals of boxing: stance, footwork, punching and head movement in order to ‘Dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee’!

        Classes include an active warm up, technique instruction, station training, and cooperative mitt work. Benefits of boxing include improved self-confidence, body awareness and overall fitness.

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