Bowen Therapy & Niromathe Method

Bowen Technique is a gentle manipulation of the muscles of the body, intended to trigger the nervous system to begin a process of self-healing. Each series of moves on the muscles, tendons, and nerves, is followed by a pause to allow the body to integrate the information. The objective of each treatment is to restore the normal, healthy and balanced functioning of the body.

In addition to the Bowen Technique, I also practice the Niromathe Method. The Niromathe Method finds its origin in the work performed by “bone setters” in India. It was further researched and developed in Europe. This technique is known in the world of osteopathy and manual therapy as a unique and effective process, that improves blood flow, and releases the fascia around muscles and joints where an osteopathic lesion has formed. 

"I was raised in a family of health practitioners where the human body was a daily topic of discussion. Furthermore, through my early studies in social law (LLB) and my work as a Child Case Manager/Advocate, I became very aware that there were deeper issues at play when observing the mental and physical health of my clients and their families.  This was based on my observations of the interactions between troubled parents and their children.  I learned that in order to be a really effective problem solver, it would be better to employ a multi-faceted approach that provides lasting, more effective results for the long term."

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