Meet Our Trainer Leah Pepper

Leah is a certified trainer with over 15 years of weight-training experience, she is an active BCABBA fitness competitor and Women's Physique medalist. Leah also does contest prep, posing practice, as well as posing routine choreography, with some of her past clients reaching national-level competition. She possesses an extensive background in professional ballet as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. Leah has a true passion for everything fitness and firmly believes that incorporating exercise and proper nutrition into one's lifestyle, dramatically improves their overall well-being and quality of life. The same principles of health and nutrition she applies to herself, are the same principles she teacher others in order to achieve tangible desired results. She loves to see others realize their true potential. When Leah is not in the gym lifting heavy things and putting them down, she is enjoying being a new mother to her daughter, and is happy to be living in such a beautiful place surrounded by nature with so much to explore in the great outdoors!

Personal Fitness Training Packages

Introduction to Fitness: $ 120 for the 3 x 1 hr sessions with Leah. 

This package is designed for those embarking on or re-entering a lifestyle of routine physical activity in a fitness facility setting. It is designed to introduce members into a program of cardio, strength and flexibility activities at Livinit in a safe and guided pace.

  • Members will fill out a questionnaire designed to assist in establishing goals and personal fitness inventory, fitness history and anticipated time available.
  • Trainer will then match member with an appropriate entry level workout plan and provide guidance over a period of 3 sessions.
  • Program designed to allow the member to establish training duration, frequency, intensity, starting weight / rep information, as well as proper form and technique. Specific exercise instruction will be given throughout the 3 sessions and guidance will be provided on when to begin increasing training volume or intensity (number of sets / weight).
  • Goals are to provide and instructional, safe, supportive and interactive environment from which members can expect to begin establishing a sustainable routine fro which they can begin to realize personal goals and individual, recognizable feedback. Emphasis is definitely on establishing routine and measuring realistic feedback on expectations while establishing lifestyle change.
  • The 3 sessions are expected to occur within the first 4-5 weeks of each member’s journey.
  • Give yourself the best opportunity to achieve personal success on road to feeling better
  • Understand one of the most important parts of the journey is establishing routine, without the risk of injury. This leads to success. 

Friendly Faces Introduction to Fitness: $ 75 each for the 3 x 1 hr sessions with Leah. 

All of Package 1, but do it with a friend or workout partner! Want extra incentive and added enjoyment of learning together? Bring a friend!

  • Pairings must be of similar fitness level ( whether new or just restarting a fitness program ) and similar timetables.

Personalized Workout Plan $ 150 for 4 sessions with Leah and plan.

For those wanting a personalized plan matched specifically to their individual fitness level ( regardless of level ) and goals.

  • First session will be an hour long fitness assessment.
  • Trainer will then match assessment with specific goals and time availability to design a plan specific to each individual.
  • The member will then have 3 sessions on the floor with the trainer, receiving specific instruction in order to understand, implement and sustain the plan.

It is the goal of Livinit to not look at personal training as means of up-selling. Rather a means of ensuring each member has access to opportunity to realize goal of why walk through the front doors of our facility the very first time.